Modification of mechanical, chemical, electrical, optical, haptic, biological, ecological and technological properties of light metals.



The modern METAKER® surfaces open up new, and yet unimagined solutions for incremental and disruptive innovations in all industrial areas. Like this potentials in weight decrease and process cost, life, efficiency, etc. can be achieved in the double-digit percentage range.

Decisive for the success are the holistic consideration of the product, process requirements and the early integration of the surface as a constructive element in the concept.

If you are interested in the applicability in your particular case, please contact us. We understand how integrating the new technological knowledge in the concept phase of product development opens up completely new paths and market opportunities. This knowledge is strategically bundled in three centers of competence.


Force and Motion

Development of novel, powerful, multifunctional and lightweight components for the transmission of force and movements even under the most extreme conditions.



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Look and Feel

Development of new, high performance, multifunctional and light weight trim and decorative elements.


Energy and Environment

Development of novel, highly efficient and light weight modules for energy storage, heat transfer and filtration.


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