Modification of mechanical, chemical, electrical, optical, haptic, biological, ecological and technological properties of light metals.


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METAKER® Surface is a new, powerful, industrial-scale, nanoparticle that has been available since 2010 for the electrochemical  conversion of light metal surfaces into a unique, micro-structured, activated and multifunctional gradient material.

METAKER® offers several advantages compared to similar processes such as micro arc oxidation, plasma oxidation, plasma ceramics, and plasma electrolytic oxidation under spark discharge.

Also in comparison to other surface technologies such as anodizing, chromating, Chem-Ni chromating, painting, and many more, it is possible to develop a functional, qualitative and economic surface.

METAKER® Surface is an internationally joint technology with several global unique selling points and focus on Industry 4.0. It puts the product and process developers in a new paradigm and opens up previously unthinkable innovative potentials:

  • Functional improvements and new application potential of light metals
  • Substitution of heavy and expensive materials by modified light metals
  • Formation of novel hybrid materials
  • Development of new product and process innovations
  • Development of novel convergent technologies

Surface as a Constructive Element

The METAKER® Surface Process converts the surface layers of light metals into a unique, high performance, multifunctional, metal- ceramic composition.

By changing the process parameters, as well as the material properties (function) and the combinations of such (multifunctionality) everything can be adjusted to the client’s needs.

This makes the surface a design element the opens up new potential for the industrial use of light metals.

Customer Testimonials


Dr. P. P., Fraunhofer Society

"We were very impressed with the innovative potential of this technology, and we are confident that this process will continue to be used in many areas over the next few years and will be the key to the successful implementation of new technologies”.

Dr. R.S., Head of R&D, Automotive Tier-1

"I’ve known about this technology for years. And with its evolution it now makes sense to use it for mass application“.

Dr. C.V., Technical Expert Advanced Materials, OEM

„I see a lot of potential here for different areas of application“.

Dr. R. R., Head of Materials Science Surface, Automotive Tier-1

“I see you know how to design surfaces“.

M.M., Project Leader Interieur Innovation, Automotive Tier-1

“We were very surprised with how well your design looks and feels“.

R.K., Head of Prozess Development, Automotive Tier-1

“We would never consider using an aluminum product instead of this. Everything seems possible now “.


A demo video shows the process flow on a METAKER® Hybrid component.

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